BonEful Fabric Headbands for All Ages, Toddlers through Adults

BonEful Fabric Headbands for All Ages, Toddlers through Adults

Absolutely Sweet & Comfy to wear all year round! Message me if you are interested & Please Share with your friends. I’ve been busy working on my ebay fabric listings & have put my designs on hold for the last year. My Goal is to get my personal website up & running again this Spring & Summer & give it the attention it deserves. I recently had a horrible SCAM happen with a company called who promised to help & deliver amazing results & they ended up doing NOTHING & charging my credit card $4750.00. Warning to all of you small business owners… They WILL Call your home & talk you into products & services with a contract agreement & could be under different company names as well. See Washington Attorney General (Please Contact them) if you are contacted… We need to put a stop to this behaviour for small businesses, I am now suffering from the act of signing this contract & having to pay my credit card Citibank, who did not help to back me up. We will be fighting this in the months to come in order to make positive changes I’ve been waiting & working for for so long.